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I cannot pair my bike to the Brompton Electric App, what can I do?


It is possible that the App is unable to pair with the bike for different reasons:

Bike firmware is not updated

The latest firmware that includes the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality and enables connectivity between the Brompton Electric and the App was released in March 2021.

It is recommended to visit your nearest Brompton Electric retailer to carry out a software update if the bike has not been updated after March 2021.

Bluetooth is not connected

The round blue Bluetooth icon below the serial number indicates that the Bluetooth is connected.

  • Plug battery into the bike
  • Turn on the bike
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on the phone
  • Keep the phone close to the bike to ensure a strong connection

Bike is not registered

Ensure that both serial number and frame number shown on the App match with the numbers on the serial number plate of the bike.

If none of the mentioned issues apply, please contact Brompton Customer Service team here.


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