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What chainset do I need?


We recommend the Stronglight set specified for the Brompton. This is the only one we supply on the bikes. If you use an alternative, make sure that it suits the bottom bracket axle (ISO 6695), that it gives the correct chain line (fig. HK4 in the Owner's Manual), and that the end of the crank does not clash with any part of the rear frame when the bicycle is parked.

The age of your bike will depend on what chainset was used originally.

Pre-2013 have a chainset with a fixed chainring (please see photo below). If a new chain ring is needed, a whole new chainset will need to be fitted. 


Post-2013 bikes have a chain ring that can be removed with an Allen key (please see photo below). This enables just the chain ring to be changed once it is worn. 



We no longer supply the fixed version chainset although it is fully compatible with the current chainset. To put a new chainset on an older bike you will also need to change the bottom bracket. 

Please see the table below for what size chainring your bike needs for standard gearing. 

  2 speed 3 speed 6 speed
Standard  54T 50T 50T

french-flag-1053711_640.png  De quel dérailleur ai-je besoin ?

holland-160486_640.png Welk ketting heb ik nodig?

germany-31017_640.png Welches Kettenset brauche ich?  

flag-28543_640.png  Di quale guarnitura ho bisogno?

spain-28530_640.png ¿Qué conjunto de cadena necesito?

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