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How do I adjust the handlebar alignment?

This is a job that Brompton do not recommend is performed at home as it does require specific tooling and knowledge. If the correct procedure and correctly calibrated tooling is not used, it is possible that the Handlebar Pin may not be secured properly, or you may damage the Handlebar Pin or fork. Please contact your local dealer to have this work performed.

It is important to note that there are two different designs of handlebar pins fitted to our bike, these are the expander cone design and the angled wedge design.

The expander cone design was supplied on all bikes prior to 2018 and on some 2018 models. The expander cone design requires the handlebar pin bolt to be tightened to:

- 16Nm on steel forks

- 15Nm on titanium forks

The angled wedge design was supplied on all bikes from 2019 onwards and on some 2018 models. The angled wedge design requires the handlebar pin bolt to be tightened to 30Nm. Bikes previous to that should be tightened to 15Nm

If you have a 2018 model bike it will be necessary to check the colour of the stem bolt to determine what design your bike has. Silver indicates 15Nm and orange or black indicated 30Nm. 


NB. It is not possible to adjust the height of the stem on a Brompton. 

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