Brompton setting up

How do I adjust the Brompton saddle?


To adjust a Brompton saddle you will need a 5mm hex key. If your bike is a B75 you will need a 10mm spanner.

To watch a video on how to adjust your saddle click here.

Saddle comfort is a very personal thing and a saddle that is incredibly comfortable for one person can be equally uncomfortable for the next.

With any saddle, getting the correct position is vital to making it as comfortable as possible for the rider. A badly adjusted saddle will be uncomfortable, no matter how suitable/unsuitable its shape is for you.


The angle of the saddle and the fore-aft position of the saddle can both be adjusted. From new a Brompton saddle is set in an extreme-forward position, with the saddle angled upwards. This ensures the bike fits snuggly and securely inside its packaging for transporting to the dealer, however it might not be the most comfortable riding position.

Neutral positioning

To establish the most comfortable position you should start by adjusting the saddle into a neutral position, you can then work from there to establish the best position for you.

First loosen the saddle clamp bolt (5mm hex key) until the saddle can be moved with little force, be careful not to loosen this bolt too much as this will make the adjustment more difficult and allow the saddle to move under its own weight.

Move the saddle rails in the clamp so that they are roughly centred (halfway between maximum fore and aft position) in the pentaclip.

Now you can adjust the saddle into a level position so that the top surface of the saddle is roughly level between the front and rear edge. Once you are happy that the saddle is in a neutral position, tighten the pentaclip bolt to 15Nm.

Ride the bike and see how it feels, once you have had some riding time on the saddle in this position you can adjust it to make it more comfortable if necessary.

Setting the angle

When riding the saddle you might find that the angle does not feel quite right, perhaps the nose feels like its pointing up, or you feel as though the back of the saddle isn’t giving you enough support.

The saddle could conversely feel like it needs tilting back a little, to give more support from the nose, or if you feel like all your weight is resting on the back of the saddle. Once you have adjusted the saddle, again spend some time riding and readjust if necessary.

Fore-aft position adjustment

The fore-aft position of the saddle will not only affect the reach (to the handlebar) but also your position relative to the pedals. By moving the saddle back you will increase the reach to the bars and make the bike a little more stretched out. Conversely moving the saddle forward will make the bike feel shorter and more upright.

Experiment with the saddle position moving it back and forth from the neutral middle position to see what feels comfortable, bearing in mind the effect on reach to the bars and position of the pedals (relative to the saddle) and again spend some time riding the bike to see what works best for you.

When adjusting the saddle position, make sure you securely tighten the pentaclip to 15Nm.

Further videos on How To Set up your Brompton can be found here.


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