Brompton setting up

How do I change the gears on a Brompton six speed?


The right-hand shifter shows numbers 1, 2 and 3. The left-hand shifter shows ‘+’ and ‘-’ symbols.

The words ‘Speed’ and ‘Gear’ mean the same here. The first gear is the lowest gear and is the easiest to turn the pedals. This is for cycling up steep hills. The sixth gear is the highest gear and you’ll need to apply more effort to turn the pedals, you will use this if you’re already travelling fast or going down hill.


1st Gear Left shifter - Right shifter 1
2nd Gear  Left shifter + Right shifter 1
3rd gear Left shifter -  Right shifter 2
4th Gear Left shifter + Right shifter 2
5th gear Left shifter - Right shifter 3
6th gear Left shifter + Right shifter 3

When using the right hand shifter take the pressure off the pedals, and momentarily stop pedaling. This technique makes for smooth gear changing and avoids eventual damage to the gears. When using the left hand shifter you must continue pedaling to allow the chain to move cogs.

The right shifter operates hub gears in the rear wheel. Each of the three hub gears is always combined with one of the two derailleur gears.

 3 hub gears x 2 derailleur gears  = six gears in total.

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