How do I register my Brompton?

To register your bicycle, you will need the 10-digit Serial Number of your bike.

Bicycles can be registered by using the 10-digit serial number, this number uniquely identifies your bicycle.

Information on how to locate the serial number can be found here.

To register Electric bikes, the battery serial number is required and can be located on a white sticker on the reverse of the battery. A picture with further details can be found here.

Once the serial number of the bicycle is located, please follow the next steps:

  • Login to the Brompton account or create a new account here.
  • Select ‘My registered bike’ on the top right when clicking on the email or name.
  • Click on ‘Add a bike’.
  • Enter the serial number and click on ‘Find my bike’.
  • Review the Green Box details and ensure that at least the 10-digit Serial Number matches with your bike’s.
  • Continue by selecting the ‘Sign up’ blue button under the Green Box.
  • Fill the form and click ‘Register my bike’

Please note that the image of the bike shown on My Brompton is a default thumbnail of a M6R Lagoon Blue bicycle, which does not specifically depict your specific bike.

An alternative method to register a bike is by filling the following form*.

*Please note that your bike registration through the alternative method will be manually entered by a staff member in several weeks, and may not appear immediately in your My Brompton account after registration, however, please be assured that your registration information will be noted as received.

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