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What is the recommended tyre pressure for my Brompton?

We cannot stress the importance of keeping your tyres properly inflated.

It is recommended you check the tyre pressure every 1-2 weeks using a quality track pump with a gauge.

As a general guide, please see the pressures listed below. 

Recommended tyre pressures:

Schwalbe Marathon Racer
Front: 60 to 75 PSI, 115 PSI max.
Rear: 70 to 85 PSI, 115 PSI max.

Schwalbe Marathon
Front: 60 to 75 PSI, 115 PSI max.
Rear: 70 to 85 PSI, 115 PSI max.

Schwalbe Kojak
Front: 90 to 105 PSI, 115 PSI max.
Rear: 100 to 115 PSI, 115 PSI max.

All good quality tyres have the pressure range moulded into the sidewall of the tyre and we recommend pumping close to, but not at the maximum recommended pressure.

N.B Soft tyres can lead to more pedalling effort, excess wearing, punctures and an adverse effect on handling. On the Brompton Electric underinflated tyres will affect battery life.

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