Brompton Electric

How far can I ride on a fully charged Brompton Electric?


The Brompton Electric will have a range of 25 - 50 miles (40 - 80 km).

This range will vary depending on a variety of factors:

- Weight of the rider and luggage
- Tyre pressure (too low a tyre pressure will reduce the range)
- Ambient temperature (temperatures <10C temporarily reduce the capacity)
- Wind (riding against the wind consumes more energy)
- Topography (riding uphill consumes more energy)
- Terrain (a smooth surface has the lowest rolling resistance and gives the largest range)
- Rider own effort (the more power you bring on the pedals the less energy the system has to deliver)
- Stop and go (accelerating consumes more energy than riding at a constant speed)
- Riding mode (the higher the mode the higher the power consumption)

Charging Times

When changing using the standard 2A charger.

80% - Roughly 3-3.5 hours 

100% - 4-5 hours

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