Brompton setting up

How can I work out the correct saddle height?


Getting the saddle to the right height on a Brompton is as easy as pulling up the seatpost. Our standard seat post height will accommodate all riders with an inside leg length of up to 83cm, (32.5”) approx.

Please note: Having your saddle at the correct height will help you to avoid discomfort whilst riding in your knees. It will also help you cycle with the least amount of effort. 

For more height:

1. You can gain 15mm by moving the saddle-clamp up the seat pillar itself.

2. Our unique saddle-to-post (Pentaclip) attachment has been designed with the option to give 2.5cm more height by turning it upside down and reattaching the saddle to the higher rail position.

3. For riders with inside leg measurements over 83cm (32.5”) approx. Brompton advises one of the other two-seat post options here.




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