How do I know which model my Brompton is?


Standard Brompton models come with a standard three-digit code, which will tell you the handlebar type, the gearing, and whether or not the bike has mudguards and a rack. An example would be an S2L: S Type handlebars, two gears and mudguards.

Every Model name follows the pattern.

Letter|Number|Letter eg: S3L

The first letter shows the type of handlebar the bike has. This affects your riding position.

There is a choice of three handlebar types: M, S, and H. Using the How it works section of the website, you should be able to identify which handlebar type appears on your bike.

The number in the sequence refers to how many gears the bike has. 1, 2, 3 or 6 speed

Details about the gearing options are available in the How it works section; you should be able to tell how many gears you have by taking a look at the gear triggers (both of which are shown and explained on the gearing page).

The final letter at the end of the model code can either be E, L or R. If your bike has no mudguards it is an E version, if it has mudguards then it is an L version, and bikes with racks d mudguards are R versions.

Adding the suffix X indicates if the bike is a Superlight model.

For any further information about the model of your bike, please contact your local Brompton dealer.

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