Special Editions

How many times a year is the Black Edition released?  


The Black Edition is a special edition bike, as a result, the Black Edition is only releasedapproximately twice a year.  

To view the full specifications of the Black Edition, please click here. 

Brompton does announce new products and special edition bikes in the newsletter. If you would like to receive updates at the time of launch, please subscribe, here.


french-flag-1053711_640.png Combien de fois par an la Black Edition est-elle commercialisée ?

holland-160486_640.png Hoeveel keer per jaar wordt de Black Edition uitgebracht?

germany-31017_640.png Wie oft im Jahr erscheint die Black Edition?

flag-28543_640.png  Quante volte all'anno viene lanciata la Black Edition?

spain-28530_640.png ¿Cuántas veces al año sale al mercado la Black Edition? 

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