Special Editions

What is the Black Edition?     

Since its launch in 2015, the Black Edition bikes are made in small batches twice a year and provides an opportunity to grab colours not found in the standard colour range. 

The Black Edition bikes feature a number of key components (i.e. handlebar, wheels, chainring) in black, rather than the usual silver finish, giving a more stealthy aesthetic. 

The current colours are black, with mainframe options being Black, Turkish Green, Rocket Red, and Black Lacquer.  

These colours are subject to change. 

To read more on the Black Edition, please click here. 

french-flag-1053711_640.png Qu'est-ce que la Black Edition ?

holland-160486_640.png Wat is de Black Edition?

germany-31017_640.png Was ist die Black Edition?

flag-28543_640.png  Cos'è la Black Edition?

spain-28530_640.png ¿Qué es la Black Edition?

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