Brompton Electric

Can I take my Brompton Electric on a plane?


It is not possible to take the Brompton Electric’s fitted Lithium-Ion battery on passenger flights as it exceeds the 160W power permitted. However, Brompton Electrics can be transported without the battery. 



Some specialist couriers may be able to organise protected shipping, but you will need to contact them independently. 

Brompton does not have a contact list for these couriers. 

Please note: Currently, the Brompton Electric is only available for sale through selected dealers around the globe. As a result, it is only possible to have the Brompton Electric serviced by those accredited Brompton dealers, within specific countries. Moreover, the warranty for the Brompton Electric is only valid within the country of purchase. 

You can find more information about Electric bikes and specifications here.

Bromptons Full Warranty - Terms and Conditions


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