Special Editions

Can I buy a Special Edition Bike? 


Bromptons Special Editions are sold from stock at authorised Brompton dealers and online at Brompton.com within some territories.   

Normally, there are only one or two production runs per year of Brompton Special Editions. This means they are released for sale during one or two periods in any year. Special Edition bikes cannot be custom-built using Brompton’s online ‘Bike Builder’ page.  

The ‘Bike Builder’ pages are for a Standard Brompton and Brompton Electric, which can be ordered at any time in the year.  

To locate a dealer near you, who may have the Special Edition model please click here.

Alternatively, you can build a standard Brompton bike today via the Bike Builder here.

Please note: To aid your search, filter the Product Search Category for the Special Edition you are looking to purchase e.g. Black Edition, CHPT3.   

To buy a Special Edition bike through 'Click & Collect' (only available in certain territories) from Brompton’s online stock, please click here.

To learn about Bromptons Special Editions bikes, please click here. 

To hear about Brompton Special Editions at the time they launch, sign up to Brompton’s newsletter here.


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