Brompton Electric

Variables That Affect The Brompton Electric Bike

The Brompton Electric has several variables which will affect the bike. Please read the below and watch the accompanying video, here. 

The Brompton Electric in all modes will emit an audible, high pitched whine. The battery range will vary depending on several factors including, terrain, acceleration, wind, tyre pressure, rider weight, rider input, and air temperature. 

Make sure to charge the battery in a dry, ventilated area, below 45 degrees Celsius and away from direct sunlight. 

Tyre pressure should be checked regularly and should be pumped to 100psi or 7 bar. Only e-bikes tyres should be used. 

When switching on your bike, your bike will perform an autocalibration which will reset the components to provide a more consistent ride experience.  If the powered assistance feels abnormal at any point, stop. Make sure you perform a simple autocalibration. Do not try to change the mode when cycling, instead, stop for a moment to change the power modes. The Brompton electric has a cadence and torque sensor, therefore it will automatically provide more assistance when it feels more pressure on the pedals. 

The Brompton Electric is designed to power off automatically approximately 10 minutes after inactivity. 

If the battery lights flash or power off, please ensure that the battery is sufficiently charged, properly fitted in the bag and connected to the bike. Then restart the bike.

To maximise the life of the motor, the battery is designed to ridden on smooth, well-paved surfaces.

Please note the motor will cut out if the terrain is uneven, on extreme terrain the motor you may experience the motor cutting out and shuddering. Should this occur, please restart the bike on a smooth surface. 

Servicing of your Brompton Electric bike should be carried out by an accredited Brompton Electric dealer. 


french-flag-1053711_640.png  Variables qui affectent le vélo Brompton Electric

holland-160486_640.png Variabelen die de Brompton elektrische fiets beïnvloeden

germany-31017_640.png Variablen beim Brompton-Elektrofahrrad

flag-28543_640.png  Variabili che influenzano la bici Brompton Electric

spain-28530_640.png Variables que afectan a la bicicleta eléctrica de Brompton

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