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Brompton Game Bag care instructions


Cleaning instruction:

To clean the Game Bag, simply use soap and water and allow it to dry naturally.

Do not machine wash.

All brass fittings tarnish over time. Clean occasionally with a quality brass cleaner if you want to keep them shiny.

Leather straps and bindings will stay supple and retain their patina if occasionally rubbed with leather cream or wax.


Due to the nature of the strapping material used on the Navy coloured Game Bag, it is possible that the red dye can transfer to other fabrics when wet. Therefore we recommend that the bag is not worn when wet in conjunction with paler garments.


french-flag-1053711_640.png  Guide d'entretien du sac "Game Bag" de Brompton

holland-160486_640.png Onderhoudsinstructies voor de Brompton Game Bag

germany-31017_640.png Pflegenweisung für die Brompton Game Bag

flag-28543_640.png  Istruzioni per la cura della Brompton Game Bag

spain-28530_640.png Instrucciones de cuidado de la Brompton Game Bag

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